To Travel or Not to Travel?

To Not traveling in 2020… and well into 2021 has been of little consequence compared to the human toll taken by the COVID-19 pandemic. So in doing our part to slow the transmission of this virus, we canceled travel plans and hunkered down in quarantine.

Now that we’ve become experts on masking, hand washing, social distancing as well as dealing with the general insanity of political schisms… innovative vaccines have been developed. And with the advent of m-RNA technology, to name a few, a sliver of hope emerges for a near normal world.

Adventure awaits and we are cautiously excited to dip our toes back into travel. But our game plan will be different. First of all we’ll be fully vaccinated as well as follow CDC protocols. This is a must.

Next we’ll take nonstop flights to reduce exposure to additional passengers and airports. In the past we took longer flights with multiple layovers to contain cost. Now we’ll pay extra for that peace of mind.

Also our duration of travel will be shorter with fewer destinations, hotels and yes avoiding mass transit for now.

Lastly we hope to visit areas where the virus is declining, but this has proved to be challenging.

We will now be embarking to Quintana Roo, which is the state in Mexico where Playa del Carmen and Cancún are located. We are looking forward to exploring several of the ecological parks of Xcaret and with visitor capacity down this should be a good opportunity. 

Adios amigos!